Chez Eva “Delicacies from Corsica”

Close to Porte-Vecchio at Route de Cala Rossa, at a roundabout, “rond point de Marina di Fiori”, the handsome and charming Eva has a delicacy shop along this roundabout, that sells “epicerie fine, produits Corses, cave à vin, foie gras”, et cetera. It is opened for the season only and Eva is assisted by her charming sister.
The products in the shops are of an outstanding quality and a wide assortment is offered.
Apart from the normal groceries, they sell fresh herbs, outstanding cakes and deserts, the finest merquez sausages I’ve ever bought, as well as fine coppa and lonzu from Corsica.
Eva’s daughters and her sister are all well dressed in evening dresses as if they are on their way to a gala. If you are traveling around Porte-Vecchio, do not miss Chez Eva (and her beautiful daughters).

Chez Eva, Rond point de Marina di Fiori, Route de Cala Rossa, 20137 Porte-Vecchio.


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