“Le Tiki”, chez Marco

Close to Porte Vecchio you will find the beautiful bay of St. Cyprien. Azure blue waters, a beach of white sand, and beautiful people. Along the shores of this bay you will find a number of beach restaurants, among them “Le Tiki”, chez Marco. The club resembles Club 55 at St. Tropez, but the service is better, as well as the food and the prices, although the public less famous (except for the Dutch Foodie, of course).

At the entrance, The Mercedes G, Cabriolet, AMG of Marco La Tonnara is parked as a sign of his success. The entrance is an Ibiza style one, with lots of bamboo, wood and white plastered walls.
The menu is traditionally French: “Crudités”, Steak tartar, grilled fish, pizza, petite friture en calamaris, average price € 30,– for your lunch. We ate the delicious fried squid, steak frites and moules marienieres. The wine list shows all the famous French wines and those from Corsica. We drank a bottle of rose wine of “Domaine de Pravatone” of Ajaccio, 2011. Tasty, light rose.
We enjoyed the beautiful view, service and food. Like St. Tropez, Marco does not accept any cards, but cash (only). I had to leave my drivers license and drove 12 kilometres to the nearest ATM. Apparently there is still an “informal economy” on Corsica.

Le Tiki is opened from 1 June until 20 September. It is advisable to make a reservation, especially if you want to enjoy the bay from a first row reclining chair.

Le Tiki Chez Marco
Lecci, Beach/bay of St. Cyprien
+33 495 71 6546


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